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December 14, 2011 10:43 am

Australia Shopping Love <3


Australia was a blast! I couldn’t remember a single hour that I got bored during my stay there. My relatives were so sweet to take me around all day, everyday. :) And of course, I enjoyed it better cause I was with friends in Sydney, (they represented the Philippines during the World Supremacy Battlegrounds and won 2nd runner up yay so proud! haha!) and he came with me in Melbourne too, where all my relatives were, and where we spent a longer time in. 

And, I never have realized I shopped this much while I was in Aust! Well, it was a no-brainer that my check-in bags were way overweight! Think, over 10 kilos! Good thing the girlfriend of my cousin there was friend with PAL’s supervisor that she told her people to let my overweight bags in for free, to include my handcarried stroller in too, transferred me to a window seat, and even blocked the seat next to me so I can save the row all for me! Just got lucky :)

Will post photos of our little adventures in Sydney and Melbourne soon!

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